Annual Homeowners Meeting Reminder

The 2018 Annual Homeowners Meeting has been scheduled for November 7th at 6:30pm and will be held at Journey Church located at 2000 Pike Road. Please make plans to attend, or submit a PROXY if you are unable to attend. It is required that a minimum of 107 homeowners are present at the meeting, or have submitted a proxy. Attendance to this homeowners meeting is imperative so please attend the meeting or submit your proxy so that a valid meeting can be held. In the event a quorum of homeowners is not obtained, a second meeting must be called, which doubles the cost for the association. If you are unable to attend, PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR PROXY TO FOSTER MANAGEMENT or another homeowner who is able to attend.

At the Annual Meeting, the 2019 Budget will be discussed and put up for ratification by the homeowners. Information on the budget is enclosed within this newsletter for your review. Four (4) Board Member’s terms on the Board are complete at the end of 2018, therefore an election will be held to fill board positions. Any homeowner with interests in the community is encouraged to volunteer and serve on the Board. Candidates are requested to attend Board Meetings, in addition to participation in email communications. It is a great way to get involved in the community, and assist in making business decisions regarding the Association.


Getting a New Roof? Get approval first~~

In the aftermath of recent hail and wind storms, many owners may be concerned that their roofs may have sustained damage. If your roof requires minor repairs, but not total replacement, there is no need to submit for written approval from the Design Review Committee (DRC). However, repairs must be made using LIKE KIND MATERIALS as the existing shingles.

If after inspection, you discover that your roof requires total replacement, please submit the Design Request Form for your community, to notify the HOA of the project. This is not intended to create difficulty for homeowners, but to maintain a record for the homeowner and the Association. The approved shingle colors for Clover Creek are as follows:
Owens Corning: Driftwood, Teak, Brownwood and Estate Grey
GAF: Barkwood and Weathered Wood

Upgrades to the style of shingle, to a Design shingle, or higher CLASS 3 or CLASS 4 of shingle is allowed, but the color is to be an approved shingle color. DRC Request Forms will be processed as quickly as possible, to not delay the contractors, but please note that HOMEOWNERS ARE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT THE DESIGN REQUEST FORM PRIOR TO THE WORK STARTING.

Immediate Pool Closure

It has been discovered that the pump and heater for the pool are not operational. Due to these mechanical failures, the Clover Creek Pool will be closed temporarily.  Updated information will be posted in the event crews are able to get the pool back up and running.

Roof Replacements and Exterior Home Improvements need HOA approval~~~

With the many storms that have hit Colorado recently, many homeowners are having roofs replaced due to damages incurred.  Be certain to note that roof replacements and other improvements to the exterior of the homes within Clover Creek do need to be approved by the HOA first.  The Design Review Request Form should be completed and emailed/faxed or mailed to Foster Management for Design Committee review.  Homeowners planning to paint the exterior of their home, should review the approved color schemes as well as the paint guidelines for the Clover Creek Community.  Paint Guidelines for Wood and Vinyl Siding is available on the HOA website – or contact Foster Management for a copy.  A book containing the color schemes can be reviewed at the Longmont Benjamin Moore Paint Store or at the Foster Management office.