Limb Lifting for Street & Sidewalk Clearance Required

As noted by the City of Longmont Code Enforcement Staff, many of the trees and shrubs throughout the community have grown an extraordinary amount this year!  This has resulted in many trees hanging well below the City of Longmont’s regulation of 15′ above city streets, and 8′ above sidewalks.

Per the City of Longmont’s City Land Development Code:

VIOLATION: 13.24.030.B –  It shall be the obligation of the owner of any property to remove, trim or otherwise treat trees and plants which B. Fail to provide clearance over streets and alleys of at least fifteen (15) feet and over sidewalks of at least eight (8) feet. The City is authorized to prune any tree or shrub to create a clearance need listed above and to assess the cost of such trimming against the owner of the encroaching tree or plant.

Please take a look at the trees and shrubs you own and check to see if they need to be trimmed/pruned to meet the City’s Ordinance for sidewalk and street clearance.

Privately owned trees that are not compliant with the regulation for street and sidewalk clearance may receive enforcement letters directly from the City of Longmont Code Enforcement.  This reminder is initially being sent to all homeowners to give them an opportunity to complete the required limb lifting, before violation notices are sent out.  Limb lifting and pruning of the mature trees will also help prevent catastrophic damage due to snow storms and wind storms.  Trees require periodic trimming/pruning to encourage healthy growth.

Please be assured the HOA is identifying trees in the Common Areas that also need trimming up or removal of broken branches.  The Association’s landscape maintenance crews continue to work their way through the community to resolve issues with Common Area trees and plants.