Volunteers Needed!!

Volunteers are needed for your community!  The Clover Creek HOA is looking for assistance with the following: Social Committee (The Summer Party is coming up – MANY volunteers are needed!!!); Landscape Committee (The Community is in need of a Tree Inventory for trees within the Common Areas and additional members to assist with landscaping issues); NGLA (Neighborhood Group Leaders Assn) The HOA needs a homeowner representative.  Communities which are members of NGLA are eligible for benefits including project funding and free resources.

There are many reasons to volunteer for your community—

Protect your Self-Interests.  Protect your property values and maintain the quality of life in the community.

Be Sociable—Meet your neighbors, make friends and exchange opinions and options for the community.

Have Fun—Association work isn’t drudgery, it can be fun accomplishing good things with your neighbors.

Understand the HOA Business—This is a good opportunity to learn how the HOA business works.

Anyone willing to volunteer is encouraged to contact Foster Management for further details.