Volunteers Needed!!

Volunteers are needed for your community!  The Clover Creek HOA is looking for assistance with the following: Social Committee (The Summer Party is coming up – MANY volunteers are needed!!!); Landscape Committee (The Community is in need of a Tree Inventory for trees within the Common Areas and additional members to assist with landscaping issues); NGLA (Neighborhood Group Leaders Assn) The HOA needs a homeowner representative.  Communities which are members of NGLA are eligible for benefits including project funding and free resources.

There are many reasons to volunteer for your community—

Protect your Self-Interests.  Protect your property values and maintain the quality of life in the community.

Be Sociable—Meet your neighbors, make friends and exchange opinions and options for the community.

Have Fun—Association work isn’t drudgery, it can be fun accomplishing good things with your neighbors.

Understand the HOA Business—This is a good opportunity to learn how the HOA business works.

Anyone willing to volunteer is encouraged to contact Foster Management for further details.


Tree Info- Fire Blight

Do you have an apple tree or a crabapple tree? Are some of its leaves turning brown and almost look burned?  There’s a good chance that your tree has FIRE BLIGHT, which is a bacterial disease that can kill the tree.

Here is some of the information from CSU:

Pruning: Remove and destroy newly infected young twigs as soon as possible.  Do this on a dry, sunny day, when there is no chance of rain for 48 hours.  It may be best to leave pruning until winter when the bacteria are not active.

Make cuts at least 12 inches below the visible edge of infection.

CAUTION! After each cut, surface sterilize all tools used in pruning.  Dip tools in household bleach or ethyl alcohol, or use household spray disinfectants.

During pruning, take care to avoid unnecessary wounds to the tree. Put all blighted twigs and cankered branches in the trash.  Do not compost them!

For complete information, refer to this helpful document on  FIRE BLIGHT from the CSU Cooperative Extension.  Call a tree care company if you are unsure of what to do.  

Bear Sighting in Clover Creek

Reports of a Bear Cub have been received in the Clover Creek Community.  Sightings recently on Wildrose Drive, between Wildrose Place and Clover Creek Lane.

If You See a Bear in Your Backyard:

  1. Stay Calm – If the bear finds no food, it will usually leave.
  2. Stay Away – bears may attack when they feel threatened.
  3. Warn Others – Bring kids and pets indoors. Remind others to keep their distance.
  4. Scare That Bear – Make sure the bear has a clear escape path. Make lots of noise, turn on lights, bang pots. Don’t let the bear become comfortable around your home.
  5. Remove Attractants – After the bear has left, make sure your home is bear proof.
  6. When to Call for Help – If the bear is threatening human safety, pets or destroying property, call the police at 911. Report sightings and encounters by following the link under Black Bears and Mountain Lions or call 303-441-3440.