Calling all Volunteers!

The Board Needs YOU!

Volunteers are needed in Clover Creek!  Attend the Annual Homeowners Meeting if you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors or one of the committees.  There are many reasons to volunteer for your community—

  • Protect your Self-Interests— Protect your property values and maintain the quality of life in the community.
  • Be Sociable—Meet your neighbors, make friends and exchange opinions and options for the community.
  • Have Fun—Association work isn’t drudgery, it can be fun accomplishing good things with your neighbors.
  • Understand the HOA Business—This is a good opportunity to learn how the HOA business works.

If you are not able to attend the Annual Homeowners Meeting, be sure to complete and submit your PROXY to Foster Management!

Annual Homeowners Meeting Reminder


All homeowners are reminded that the Clover Creek Homeowners Association will hold the Annual Meeting of Homeowners on November 13th at 6:30pm.  This meeting will be held at the Journey Church (2000 Pike Road).  It is required that a minimum of 107 homeowners are present at the meeting, or have submitted a proxy.  Newsletters containing the 2018 Budget have been sent and is also posted on the Website. If you are NOT able to attend this important meeting for your community, please complete the PROXY and return it to Foster Management no later than November 12th. You can EMAIL ([email protected]), FAX (888-697-8805) or MAIL (PO BOX 6125, Longmont 80501). THANK YOU!

Send in your PROXY

If you are not able to attend the Annual Homeowners Meeting on November 13th, be sure to send in your PROXY!! We need to have the properties counted to hold an official meeting and need homeowners to submit proxies if you cannot actually attend the meeting. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!