Property Maintenance ~

Summer is upon us and many homeowners are making improvements to their properties! These repairs and improvements are key in keeping the overall aesthetics of the community up to standards.

**Please Note** Any change to the exterior of your home or property requires a Design Review Committee Project Application to be submitted and approved prior to any work being started.  The application form can be downloaded from the HOA website or simply contact Foster Management for a copy.  Return the completed form to Foster Management for Design Committee review.

Maintenance items may include painting, fencing, landscaping, roof replacements or concrete repairs. Homes which may be identified as needing touch-up or full paint upgrade will be notified via a notification letter from Foster Management.  Homeowners planning to paint any portion of the exterior of the home should review the approved color schemes and guidelines for the Clover Creek Community.  A book containing the color schemes can be reviewed at the Benjamin Moore Paint Store in Longmont or at the Foster Management office.