Notice Regarding Commercial Vehicles

Notice to Homeowners of the Clover Creek HOA –

Per the governing documents of your community (Declaration, Section 3.26), commercial vehicles are not permitted to be parked or stored within the association, unless fully contained within the attached garage.

Commercial Vehicles are generally defined as:

  • Displays the name of a business or employer anywhere on the vehicle (exceptions are for passenger vehicles with government designations such as city inspectors, police, fire, etc.);
  • Has a chassis with a capacity of ¾ ton or larger, such as flatbed trucks, tow trucks, tractor-trailer rigs, and the like;
  • Carries equipment, tools or materials, related to a business which are visible from outside the vehicle such as ladders/equipment/materials

This regulation is in place to uphold the overall aesthetics of the community. Your continued efforts in keeping the Clover Creek Community a premier community on the West Side are appreciated!