City of Longmont Tree Limb Collection ~ FREE

The City of Longmont offers a FREE curbside collection of tree limbs each spring.


  • Branches must be placed curbside before 7am on the MONDAY of your scheduled collection week (see below).
  • Don’t put your branches out too soon. Municipal code prohibits placing items in the street prior to the Saturday before special collections. Should you place your branches out too early, Code Enforcement staff may issue notices or citations for branches placed in the street before the scheduled collection week.
  • Branches must be stacked. Limbs must be cut up into lengths no longer than 6 feet, and no limb may be larger than 6 inches in diameter. Limbs must be placed into stacks no larger than 3 feet in diameter.
  • Limbs must be placed in the gutter off the sidewalk, no closer than two feet from any fence, building, or obstacle that would interfere with the pickup of the pile by the loader.
  • Limbs will not be collected in alleys or on private property. Even if your trash/recycling collection occurs in an alley, you must place limbs curbside in front of your property for pick-up.
  • Only one collection day per neighborhood is made; any limbs placed at the curb after the collection day will not be collected by the city and will be the responsibility of the homeowner. Visit the Yard Waste page for information about year-round drop-off of yard waste.

2017 Collection Schedule

  • Limbs will be collected at residences located North of 9th Avenue April 3 – 7
  • Limbs will be collected at residences located South of 9th Avenue April 10 – 14

If you have additional questions, please call Trash, Recycling & Composting at (303) 651-8416.

2nd Quarter Assessments

**NOTE**  Statements for 2nd Quarter Assessments were mailed to all homeowners today. Be sure to look for these notices in your mail within the coming days. Please refer to the newsletter, also enclosed in the mailing, regarding payment options should you have questions.

Thank you!

Notice Regarding Commercial Vehicles

Notice to Homeowners of the Clover Creek HOA –

Per the governing documents of your community (Declaration, Section 3.26), commercial vehicles are not permitted to be parked or stored within the association, unless fully contained within the attached garage.

Commercial Vehicles are generally defined as:

  • Displays the name of a business or employer anywhere on the vehicle (exceptions are for passenger vehicles with government designations such as city inspectors, police, fire, etc.);
  • Has a chassis with a capacity of ¾ ton or larger, such as flatbed trucks, tow trucks, tractor-trailer rigs, and the like;
  • Carries equipment, tools or materials, related to a business which are visible from outside the vehicle such as ladders/equipment/materials

This regulation is in place to uphold the overall aesthetics of the community. Your continued efforts in keeping the Clover Creek Community a premier community on the West Side are appreciated!